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ApexBuilt® BMW G80 M3/G82 M4 Titanium Intake Kit (S58, 2021+)

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Our all-new G8X M3/M4 intakes are constructed using TIG and fusion welded GR1/GR2 hybrid titanium 3.5"/89mm tubing – lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant; with multiple stunning color burn patterns offered. 

The most important component of any air intake kit is the air filter. We include only the best performing, most hydrophobic oil-free dry particle air filters in motorsport with all of our intake kits – manufactured in England by Ramair Filters, the PRORAM series of filters offers superior airflow, filtration, water resistance, and real-world performance regardless of weather conditions. 


• TIG/Fusion welded construction, GR1/GR2 titanium hybrid

• Argon back purged to ensure perfect interior welds & no slag

• Assembled by hand in Fort Myers, FL

• Lifetime warranty

• World class quality PRORAM air filters, produced in England by Ramair Filters