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ApexBuilt® Toyota A90/91 Supra B58 Titanium Charge Pipe + Downpipe Combo Pack

Regular price £1,445.00

Now offering our best-selling Toyota A90/91 Supra B58 Titanium Charge Pipe Kit + Downpipe together as a set, purchase together and save!

ApexBuilt® hand-made titanium charge pipes replace the failure-prone plastic charge pipes MKV Supra B58 vehicles come equipped with from the factory. Our charge pipes are made from a combination of TIG/vacuum welded GR1 and GR2 titanium – lightweight, exceptionally corrosion resistant, and far more durable than aluminum or stainless in performance vehicle applications; with a unique sound and look that only titanium can offer. 
Two 1/8″ NPT bungs (with plugs) are included at no additional cost, for those who currently use or plan to add water/methanol injection to their B58 Supra.
Now including our new, custom designed high-boost capable silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps standard with every B58 charge pipe kit! Make charge pipe coupler slippage a thing of the past.

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ApexBuilt® Toyota A90/91 Supra B58 Downpipes offer...

• Industry-leading build quality.

• Perfect fitment, guaranteed.

• Drastically improved throttle response, quicker turbo spool, and an aggressive exhaust note.

• Heat Shield Optional

• Estimated gains of 25-30 wheel horsepower and 30-40+ TQ when installed on a vehicle that is not tuned 

• Estimated gains of 45+ HP and 60+ TQ over stock power levels when paired with an aftermarket ECU tune

• TIG-welded T304 stainless steel construction, assembled by hand in Naples FL.

• Lifetime warranty.

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3"/OEM Exit:

4" Exit: