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ApexBuilt® BMW F8X M3/M4 Titanium Front Mount Intake Kit (S55, 2015-18)

Regular price £1,652.00

Introducing our handmade titanium front mount intakes for the BMW F8X M3 & M4. TIG welded by hand using a hybrid of GR1 & GR2 aerospace-grade titanium, then argon backpurged for full penetration and perfect interior welds.

The most important component of any air intake kit is the air filter – unlike our competitors, we include the best filters money can buy with every one of our intake kits. Manufactured in England by Ramair Filters, the PRORAM series of filters offers superior airflow, filtration, and protection against the elements. We've tested these filters in our F10 M5 shop car for over 36,000 miles in every possible driving condition; and we guarantee your vehicle will be safe and sound using our front mount intake kit – even in the rain.

Note: A custom ECU tune is required to guarantee no MAF sensor-related error codes/CEL after install. 


• GR1/GR2 Aerospace Grade Titanium

• Custom color burn patterns available upon request

• Custom laser engraving available upon request

• Lifetime warranty

• World class quality PRORAM air filters, produced in England by Ramair Filters

• Guaranteed fitment on all F8X M3/M4 vehicles from 2015-2018

• Guaranteed to fit with both OEM and upgraded intercooler/charge pipes