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ApexBuilt® BMW F-Chassis Competition Front-Mount Intercooler (N20/N26/N55, 2012-17)

Sale price £785.00 Regular price £496.00

Introducing the all-new ApexBuilt® BMW F-Chassis Competition FMIC.

Our F-Chassis N55 Competition FMIC utilizes ultra-efficient tube fin intercooler cores, CNC aluminum assembly construction, and cast aluminum end tanks for smoother airflow and a massive decrease in charge air temps vs OEM – all while staying exceptionally lightweight, weighing just 18.8 lbs (8.52 kg).

This FMIC boasts a 70% larger front surface area and 90% larger overall core volume than its' OEM counterpart – resulting in drastically lower ambient temps, reduced likelihood of experiencing heat soak, and a significant improvement in charge-air pressure retention.

We designed our FMIC to perform year-round, irregardless of outside weather conditions. Every single ApexBuilt® intercooler receives a corrosion-resistant coating during the final step in the assembly process, giving you industry-leading performance come summer, winter, rain, shine, or snow. 


      ApexBuilt® FXX FMIC:     52cm (L) x 21.5cm (W) x 14.5cm (H)
OE/Stock BMW FMIC:      51cm (L) x 13cm (W) x 11cm (H)