ApexBuilt® BMW F10 M5/F06 M6 Competition Charge Cooler Set (S63TU, 2012-17)

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ApexBuilt® S63TU Competition Charge Coolers offer...
  • Massive water-to-air intercooler cores – 28% larger (per side) compared to OEM
  • Solid cast aluminum end tanks, extremely high density bar-plate core construction
  • Dual-pass, top/bottom flow cores with dual stage hydro cooling for peak performance & low IATs regardless of driving conditions
  • Simple plug and play install, with all replacement hardware included 
  • Water/methanol injection ports (with plugs) standard on all units
  • All units come standard with our signature Black Chrome Metallic powdercoat finish, custom colors available upon request for custom order
  • Includes ALL required hardware and accessories for install – 2x OEM throttle body gaskets, 8x replacement throttle body bolts, etc. 
  • Lifetime Warranty



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Fitment supported for the following vehicles:

• BMW M5 F10   (06/2010 — 10/2016)
• BMW M6 F06 Gran Coupé   (10/2011 — 09/2018)
• BMW M6 F12   (03/2011 — 05/2018)
• BMW M6 F13   (03/2011 — 10/2017)

*Competition and Base trims both supported